Cerec Technology: What it is

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of life and the demands that you don’t have time to go in and get the care that you need? Sometimes you feel like you don’t have enough time, and between work, chores, errands, making dinner, and taking care of everyone else, time feels like a limited commodity. Since you might need dental crowns or whatever it is, you might tend to put that on the back burner, since you don’t have the time to get the help that you need. Well, look no further, since CEREC technology is some of the best out there. It will save you time and give you lasting restorations, whether they be crowns or veneers, and you don’t have to spend a boatload of time in the dental chair.

So what is it? Well, essentially, they’re a way to get high quality dental restorations in just a visit. They’re metal free, and they use 3D photography and CAD technology in order to create custom digital restorations, which makes it possible to keep a healthy tooth structure and restore a tooth to how it was before.

Essentially the procedure is simple, in that when you go in, your tooth will be prepared first. All of the old fillings and decay will be removed and any shaping is then performed. You’ll see them take a picture and make a 3D model of this. this means that you don’t need to deal with impressions, but instead, you’ll get a custom designed restoration that fits the bite that you have. Typically, this requires a lot of structure to be removed, but CEREC doesn’t do that. It’s a more conservative sort of approach, where you get to keep more of the tooth that is healthy, which creates the double whammy of being durable and long lasting.

Now, once the design is finished, it’s put in the milling machine, which will carve out of a ceramic block the projection that will match the natural tooth color. Patients can even watch, and once this is complete, the dentist will then proceed to check it and make sure that it’s the right color before permanently bonding on the teeth. They’ll even give you before and after impressions of this so you know what you’re getting.

So what are the benefits of this? Well, it’s actually something pretty amazing, and that is the fact that it can put this piece of dental work into our lives without us having to sit in the chair for a super long time. It creates a much easier and simpler dental visit for all patients, and they’re not lying when I takes one visit.

This will take out those annoying temporary dental crowns that often don’t hold well. You don’t have to worry about having to precariously eat around a temporary crown anymore, because you don’t need to worry about that. It also will take digital scans, which gets rid of those uncomfortable impressions. They’re made from ceramic, so there aren’t any dark margins on some of the other crowns, and in turn, it will keep your smile beautiful and preserved. It also creates a stronger bond to the teeth, which means that you’ll develop less decay below the surface of these, so you won’t have to worry about root canal therapy happening on the teeth as well, which is certainly a nice thing to realize. It definitely something that’s worth it, and you will definitely not want to miss out on this.

Gone are the days where you’d have to wait three weeks to get a filling, which in turn can be both frustrating and annoying. You can do so now with the CEREC technology, which will give you a crown in just one visit. You can get the smile restorations that you need in a super quick manner, and it definitely will hold up to the test of time as well, since they have already done so. Do this for yourself, and get the help that you need, for you’ll be able to create and maintain a smile that you’ll be able to be proud of in such a simpler manner.

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