What Causes bad breath

For every single moment of the day, our mouths are taking care of breathing, drinking, eating, and swallowing. This often causes a huge workload on this area, and you might not even notice it until someone tells you that hey, your breath stinks. While halitosis is common, there are some factors that should be eliminated before you do consider that hey, it might just be because you had some bad onions or something. There are a lot of reasons behind it, and we’ll go over the four major reasons why you might have them.

Now first, is germs. Your mouth is a hivemind for these things, and the germs that are in there have one mission: to make your breath stink. Dentures, appliances, and the like can cause these germs to come up, and then they hang around your mouth a lot. They will metabolize and proliferate until they’re eliminated. These germs will attach to the gums and teeth, and they will develop there, resulting in something called volatile sulfur compounds. This is a release of gas that’s part of why your breath will smell. However, proper hygiene can play a major role in this, along with regular cleanings from the dentist. Along with brushing and flossing, scraping your tongues can be eliminated as well, and antiseptic mouthwashes are also good.

Then there is food. A clove of garlic or even an onion can make your mouth smell bad. Coffee and certain foods love to linger around and make your breath smell bad. It’s not just the food though, it’s the diets. Fasting, low-carb, and the like actually contribute to this. when you do eat, the food goes into the bloodstream, and some of it does get expelled when you breathe out. However, if you have a diet with fruits, veggies, and some healthy snacks can help minimalize this.

Dry mouth is another huge problem, and another reason why your breath might stink. If you have a mouth that doesn’t produce enough saliva, this will cause these bacterial compounds to stick around instead of washing them away. While it can be caused by gland problems and other diseases, even decreased saliva production can make your breath smell like this. By decreasing it, you’ll notice that these compounds stick around for longer, making your breath smell and it can be rancid. The best thing to do if you notice this, is to drink some water.

Now, some chronic medical conditions in the body also cause this. Cancers and metabolic disorders are commonly known to cause bad breath, and chronic acid reflux, because of the actual acid coming up a lot, can cause your breath to be pretty rancid. In that case, you should see a medical professional t help with this sort of thing, since it might be something bigger than a dental issue at this point, and it might be something that you should consider taking care of before it’s too late if you really want to be successful.

Now, with all of these, it’s best to make sure that if you do have underlying dental issues, you go in with this. it can be unpleasant for others, but if you see the dentist to get a good oral hygiene routine, along with some professional health, it will allow the bacteria to go away, and it will overall improve the wellness and betterness of the person as well. It’s embarrassing to deal with this, but if you know the cause, you’ll be one step ahead of everyone else, and it can definitely be worth your while.

So yes, go in and get the assistance that you need. See your  dentist if you feel like your mouth is gross and you have no idea how to fix this. it’ll be worth it in the future, since you’ll be able to do away with the negativity of bad breath, and from there, you’ll be able to live a life that’s better for yourself as well. You don’t want to be hindered by bad breath, right? Well, then it’s time for you to take a stand, to do what’s right, and to treat your bad breath right now too.


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